This is our webmanufactory workspace using the an amazing collaboration and communication platform.  This platform is for the user community working on projects of webmanufactum ltd. It is very effective for exchanging files, images and following discussions anywhere at any time.  But more importantly, it is easy to retrieve documents like huge database of knowledge!
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webmanufactory project workspace
Once your personal webmanufactory email and user id is ready, you register in team workspace of Just download the app from the iTunes, Google Store, etc. and work from anywhere over the internet using your webmanufactum user-id.
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Step One: Create a user id 1. Click on 'Join Project' 2. Fill your contact details in the email      template. Note, the all emails of     your webmanufactory email will be      forwarded to the email address     your provide us. 3. Now, wait for us. We will send you     a confirmation that your personal     webmanufactory user-id is set up.
Step Two: Create a webmanfactory.slack user id 1. You will need your confirmation email     with your personal webmanufactory     user id 2. Click on ‘Login' on the home page 3. When you are on the slack login screen     click below on the link     ‘create an account’
Email Instructions
Step Three:Create a webmanfactory.slack user id 1. Enter your personal user id 2. You can use the password you     had sent for the user id creation. 3. You will then receive an email      confirming your registration with a link      to the work space.      The email will be sent to the forwarding-      email address that you provided in your user id creation     email. 
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Step Four: Install slack app on your mobile, ipad and computer 1. When your are signed up log into     the     and set up your profile or let slackbot     help you with that :) 2. Finally, download the slack app on     to your android phone, iphone or     tablet, ipad or PC or Mac log in. 3. Create your ‘channel’ for your      project (if it hasn’t been set up     already)